Kyle Fisher, Paradigm Gallery + StudioKyle Fisher, Patriarch, oil on panel, 42″ x 59″. $3.900.00 at Paradigm Gallery + Studio803 S. 4th Street, 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19147, Email:, Phone: (267) 266-0073. bloom by Kyle Fisher through April 5th, 2014. The closing reception is tonight March 28th.

bloom, New Paintings by Kyle Fisher at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Paradigm Gallery + Studio provides an artistic space for both the visual and performing arts, with a focus on dedicated, emerging Philadelphia-based artists.  We provide artists with individualized attention, strong promotional support and a transformable gallery space to make their own.  We strive to make art accessible to the whole community through free bi-weekly events and support work that welcomes a wide audience.

Paradigm Gallery + Studio‘s current development is supported by: The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at the University of the Arts and the Wells Fargo Fellowship Program.” – Paradigm Gallery + Studio website

Kyle Fisher, Paradigm Gallery + StudioKyle Fisher, Pachyderm, acrylic and graphite on birch, 17.5″ x 14.5″, $550.00 and Tug of War, acrylic and graphite on birch, 10″ x 8″ each, $295.00 set, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

“My paintings investigate the richness of visual cues found in the existing dynamism and beauty of woodgrain.  The theories found in the works of Piet Mondrian remain an inspiration in my own.  Using just primary colors and vertical/horizontal lines, he created some of the most visually balanced works known.  When I spend time in front of an untouched panel, I’m amazed at the many ways color, form, and clean line, can similarly charge and balance the wood’s movement and composition.

I select each panel because of an immediate connection I’m able to feel.  Each is incredibly unique, and it may be movement, visual weight, or a composition that fascinates me. Each piece is approached with a pencil.  Instinctive, gestural shapes are scrawled as I begin to focus the piece.  It is at this moment that my favorite part of the process happens. A dialogue between myself and the imagery begins, as I introduce form and color, taking cues from the piece itself.  Each shape is then outlined.  The piece is framed and given a rich gloss finish after a comfortable balance is achieved and dialogue comes to an end.  Not unlike the relationships found within clouds, the final product is a harmonious narrative, different for each viewer.” – Kyle Fisher website

Kyle Fisher, Paradigm Gallery + StudioKyle Fisher, Reverie, acrylic and graphite on birch, 24″ x 28″, $845.00, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

It’s hard to believe that another last Friday has rolled around and the art crawl on Fourth Street is happening again. Just four weeks ago I visited one of my favorite galleries in Philly, Paradigm Gallery + Studiosituated in a small storefront along Fabric Row on Fourth Street, South of South Street near Passyunk Avenue. Tonight is another last Friday and with it another opportunity to view the stunning mixed media artworks by Kyle FisherLast month’s artist reception was literally a packed house with Kyle’s friends and family piling into the space to celebrate the artist and his work. I talked with the artist’s proud Grandfather Earl who was absolutely thrilled to see his entire family gathered together, his pride of his grandson’s accomplishment overflowing with love. Grandfather Earl expressed to me how he wished that Kyle would become a famous artist and I assured him that the artist is in good hands with Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Co-curators Sara McCorriston and Jason Chen have used their business acumen and exquisite taste to launch art careers, create Social Practice art events and produce sales for artists from the storefront. They also make art that may not be accessible by creating high quality prints for those with restricted art budgets. At the last reception Sara was literally working three computers at once to process sales, program the music and answer questions. The duo always make me feel welcome when I arrive and promptly introduced me to the artist, Kyle Fisher. I didn’t record our conversation because the room was loud with enthusiast visitors but Kyle explained how he achieves the sumptuous smooth texture of his mixed media artworks to me while the crowd of admirers milled around us.

Kyle Fisher, Paradigm Gallery + StudioKyle Fisher, Enamor, acrylic and graphite on birch, 48″ x 41″, $2,350.00, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Kyle Fisher works on wood panels, allowing the wonderful grain to lead his art into magical and mysterious directions. Some of the paintings allow the wood to be featured like an abstract background while others are painted into a super-flat surface causing the subject to pop and glow. Using oils, acrylics and graphite, the artist finds inspiration in the idea of fungus, creating layers of color and shape that coalesce into mystic forms like the heroic lion called Patriarch and the dancing elephant called Pachyderm.

Each of the artworks is exquisitely finished with a simple wood frame or an elaborate baroque style that enhances the subject of the art without overwhelming. The concept of fungus is a metaphor for life on Earth since mushrooms and fungi are the largest life forms on the planet. The wood panels offer the impression of everlasting beauty and liveness with the meme of ‘life ever after’ embedded in the grain. The styling and composition is at once fanciful and serious with the sensuous nudes and endangered species cohabiting the art space. The restraint of the abstract works allows viewers to absorb and appreciate the concepts without intimidation, assured that their purchase is not a luxury but a lasting memorial to life and art.

Kyle Fisher, Paradigm Gallery + StudioKyle Fisher, Structure #3, acrylic and graphite on birch, 12″ x 10″, $145.00, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio803 S. 4th Street, 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19147, Email:, Phone: (267) 266-0073. bloom by Kyle Fisher through April 25th, 2014

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