Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Alex Mosoeanu, Moment of Inspiration, metallic Sumi-e ink, metallic markers and colored pencils on drawing paper, 2016

Dooms Day, Group Art Show, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Interview with Dooms Day curator Alex Mosoeanu:

“We’re in the Plays and Players Theater in the lower lobby are in the Plays and Players Art Gallery. We are having our first group show here with over fourteen pieces with nine artists; we’re very excited to have them, and they’re all local Philadelphia artists.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Katherine Roll, Playing with Survival, mixed media assemblage

The art show is called Dooms Day?

“The show is called Dooms Day, we’re basing the exhibition off the play Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille. The play is about a group of friends who are talking about their last day on Earth. As a curator, we wanted to really think about what the space is going to have in relation to the play. So, we provided a few art pieces that have to do with, you know, either death, or emotion that would have to do with your last day. How would you see that? We asked our artists,’You have one day left, what would you do?’ Through their art pieces they answered those questions.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Seamus Tyler, My Invisible Identity\\Front Page Tragedy, linoleum and acrylic

I just heard an interview on PBS Newshour with a hospice counselor. She said a lot of people ask her, ‘What are the last words most people use?’ Her response was, ‘If you have last words, you should say them now’. Because on your death bed you may not be awake, you may be drugged, so if you have something to say, you should say it. So, what would your last words be?

“Oh, wow. That’s a hard one. Definitely. This World is definitely crazy, I’ve tried my best to come to a conclusion of some sort of understanding. Every day I’ve always pushed myself as if it’s my last, definitely. If I had any last words to my loved ones I would say, ‘You know, I love you so much. Thank you so much for all your help in everything I’ve done. I appreciate you. Whatever is left to come, it doesn’t matter, we’ve spent our time together, and that’s all that matters’.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Alexander Shanks, Bone Dry

That’s so sweet, you’re going to make me cry.

“That’s OK. We’re all going to die, might as well not scream about it, or be scared.”

It’s nice that you reached out to people.

“Yeah. You should always be nice to people that you love, even the assholes.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Alexander Trosko, Starving Artist

So, tell me how you selected the artists?

“I picked the artists based off of, because it’s our first show, I really picked the artists off of who was making artwork that I knew, for sure, would go in the show. And, so, those were my closest friends, but, that’s not to say in the future we’re not trying to have other artists that I do not know. We’re always looking to expand as a gallery, this is our first group show. I chose the artists based off of who I knew immediately would definitely be able to have their work in a crunch for time. But, this is our first show.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Jason Justice, Untitled, oil on linen

This is a great space. How did you hook up with Plays and Players?

“Well, I’m just cool like that. But, um, you know, it just happens. You meet people, they’re interested in your work and they just want to support you. Show them what you’re able to do and how you really want to bring people in , and they’re really excited about that, so, that’s kind of how we got this thing started.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Caitlin Tschanz, Rise, acetate, acrylic and graphite on panel

A couple of the artists I talked to are from Moore College of Art. Are you an alum?

“Yeah, of course. We tried to grab mostly Moore students, that’s where I knew most of my artists and they’re always making real quality work, so we went to Moore for our artists, but, we’re always looking to expand, too. It’s not just Moore.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Sara Cocchi, Law of Conservation, mixed media

That’s good. I’m always proud of Moore students, I get invited to the Senior shows and the fine art department there is amazing. The competition is tough, right? You don’t get in for no reason, you have to be good.

“I agree. You have to be good at something, you have to have a message, or at least show that you’re willing to push yourself to find your message, But, I always knew I had to do art.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Matthew Vacante, Into the Light, digital photography

I think it’s great to be in school and know that you’re surrounded by good artists.

“It only makes your art better. You need people that can be your competition so that friends, not somebody that you would look down on. You want people to bring you up on board when they know what they’re doing.”

I’ve been going to the Moore Senior shows since about 2012 and I make new friends every year.

“Moore has some really fabulous people that come there, it’s always a great community.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Alex MosoeanuThe Keeper’s Secret, Her Infinite Grace 

Last question. Today was the Women’s March. On the way here there were crowds of people in the street from the protests. Do you have any comments?

“I wish I could be there! Oh, my goodness! Unfortunately, I’m having this opening right on the day there are marches, but, I support all the women that are going out there to support us, Especially, as a woman curator, I know that that there’s not many of us, but, it’s very important to push women artists, I have mostly women artists in the show.

So, to all of them, especially those marching in DC, we’re happy about that, we’re in difficult times right now so we need all support we can possibly get. Please come check out the space, we’re always looking to have political and socially active work. We’re not just making pretty art, we’re looking to make a message.”

Doomsday, Plays and Players Art Gallery

Matthew Vacante, digital photography

Dooms Day through February 17th, 2017

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Written by DoN Brewer

Photographs by Jimmi Shrode

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