Snowflake Salon, Third Biennial Winter Group Show, Heavy Bubble

Snowflake Salon, Third Biennial Winter Group Show, Heavy Bubble Headquarters

Artists: Rosalind BloomSarah BloomElena BouvierKeith R. BreitfellerGregory BrellochsKevin BroadBill BrookoverJean BurdickDanielle BurskJustin BurskDamini CelebreFrancesca CostanzoConstance CulpepperAmanda D’AmicoPia De GirolamoLisa De GirolamoBrian DennisMaryann DevineJohn DickersonCarol EddyMarie ElcinTerri Fridkincaroline furrRebecca GilbertMarjorie GrigonisCynthia GroyaNaren GupteMarguerita HaganJenna HannumElfie HarrisCasey HeyenBarbara HockerLauren Litwa HoldenMallary JohnsonKim KnauerPamela KogenGregg KrantzJohn KrauseJohn KrynickMelissa Maddonni Haimscarol magnattaArlene Gale MilgramSofya MirvisLesley MitchellMichael MoffaTracy MuellerMeei-Ling NgPD Packarddolores poacelliLyric PrinceDonna QuinnAna Vizcarra RankinBarbara SchaffCharlotte SchatzSuzan ScottBrian SpiesJacqueline UnanueStella UntalanJosette UrsoTJ WalshCarol WiskerTamsen WojtanowskiWendy WolfJulie ZahnValerie Ziegler

Snowflake Salon, Heavy Bubble

Snowflake Salon, Heavy Bubble Headquarters. An encaustic piece by Michel Damini Celebre, two woven pieces by John Krynick, and two watercolor pieces by Josette Urso.

The concept of the Snowflake Salon was deceptively simple: Heavy Bubble invited 50 artists to show two artworks each and they could each invite two more artists to show two artworks. So like the fractals on a snowflake the show grew to over 120 artworks by many of Philadelphia’s most accomplished artists. There were size and price limitations but the result is a diverse and thoughtful art exhibit that lines the walls of the recently renovated space on the third floor of 1241 Carpenter Street.

Snowflake Salon, Jenna Hannum

Snowflake Salon, Jenna Hannum, Mesophile, 12″ x 12″. 2014, $100

Jenna Hannum lives and works in Philadelphia. She holds a bachelor of fine arts from Kutztown University and a master of science from Bloomsburg University. Information about her work can be found at her website,

A mesophile is a microscopic organism that is common in beer, wine, cheese and yogurt. They are also a common element of the human microbiome because they like to be not too hot and not too cold, like Goldilocks porridge. The pair of drawings have a soft focus and the delicate textures of the creatures is otherworldly and fantastical. The flower-like shapes float in a field of gray like a planetoid or pollen grain reflecting the connectedness of Nature and our existence. What would a world without Mesophiles be like? No beer? No cheese? And recent discoveries of the human microbiome on mental health, depression and anxiety add even more nuance to the fascinating creatures the artist portrays.

Snowflake Salon, Naren Gupte

Snowflake SalonNaren Gupte. From the Study, 4″ x 4″, 2012, $135.

Naren Gupte is a visual artist concerned primarily with the middle stages of making. His most recent focus has been on monotypes, surface studies, and etchings. He lives in Bella Vista.”

I found myself staring at Naren Gupte‘s drawing for a long time and I kept going back again and again. The simple composition and diminutive size draws the viewer into the scene letting the mind wander to warmer days and time spent in the sun. The marks are naive but the narrative is complex and intriguing. Picasso said, ‘It takes a very long time to become young.’ The tiny drawing is a world unto itself, the lines and shapes, although spare and childlike, tell a story about life on Earth from an adult perspective.

Snowflake Salon, Michael Moffa

Snowflake SalonMichael MoffaPolychrompotic #14, 8″ x 10″, $98, February 1st, 2013

“I am an artist and designer from Philadelphia influenced by 20th Century art and media. My Polychromoptic series draws inspiration from Abstract Expressionism and Pyschedelic bubble light show projections.”

Michael Moffa‘s paintings are abstract yet have a naturalistic quality like flowers and leaves. The splashes of color are enthusiastic and bold, the drips of paint create a garden of delight. In fact the pair of artworks is included in a grouping of florals along the hallway of HBHQ accentuating the the pleasing style that seems so easy yet is really quite complex. The artworks stretch the imagination to make sense of the runny blobs of paint, the restraint and color ways are intellectual and inspiring. Sometimes the simplest technique creates the boldest statement.

Closing TEA PARTY + Sale
Saturday, January 17, 2015 4 – 6 pm

@ Heavybubble HQ, 1241 Carpenter Street : 3rd Floor

Snowflake is ongoing through our closing Tea. Monday + Tuesday, 01/12 – 01/13, Noon – 4PM. Push 303 on the phone box so we can buzz you in. Other times by appointment.

All images courtesy of heavy bubble.

Written by DoN Brewer except where noted.

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