Wrapped & Unwrapped, Carol Wisker

Wrapped & Unwrapped, Carol Wisker, 3rd Street Gallery


Carol Wisker’s background in painting and drawing continues to inform her love of texture, line, repetition and excess in sculpture and installation, combining found wood and rubber dimensional forms with cotton fibers, silk cocoons and colored synthetic, silk and rayon cording that are wrapped and unwrapped, frayed, knotted, twisted, braided and deconstructed into tendrils.  Traditional domestic materials, such as tassels and braiding, are used in a nontraditional manner creating strings and ” lumps and bumps” in humorous and decorative ways on spheres, columns and multitudes of cones, both grounded and floating.” – 3rd Street Gallery


Wrapped & Unwrapped, Carol Wisker

Wrapped & UnwrappedCarol Wisker3rd Street Gallery

Wrapped & Unwrapped has to do with the fact that I love strings and fibers and stuff. Some of this show is almost entirely wrapped or deconstructed. It’s hard to talk about it without using my hands. It’s all new work for this show, it relates to my paintings and to my sculpture in that it has repetition continuously throughout the pieces and throughout the show”

Wrapped & Unwrapped, Carol Wisker

Wrapped & UnwrappedCarol Wisker3rd Street Gallery

“The objects that I used, like my original sculpture, have lots and lots of little tiny pieces. Do you remember those little boxes I made? Some of the things we’ve shown together in shows at Da Vinci Art Alliance, years and years ago. And they all had repetition and are somewhat a string of things. So, the string aspect has something to do with the paintings that I have done over a period of about three years, they are abstract building up of surfaces. And for me this is about the same kind of activity.”

Wrapped & Unwrapped, Carol Wisker

Wrapped & Unwrapped, Terrain, hand tufted cotton, wool, genuine silk cocoons, on canvas, wood frame, Carol Wisker3rd Street Gallery

“Especially for the piece called Terrain, that’s about surface. It feels just like painting when I do it. I would not say that I am a fiber artist, I’m a sculptor who uses fiber. I’m using domestic arts to produce contemporary things. But, many people refer to me as a fiber artist. I’m combining the fiber with the sculpture.”

Wrapped & Unwrapped, Carol Wisker

Wrapped & Unwrapped, H H J J (Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy), hand tufted cotton, genuine silk cocoons, cotton, polyester and rayon cord, wood, Carol Wisker3rd Street Gallery

“One of the things I really enjoy out of this show, and I do a lot of, is wrapping. I wrap, wrap, wrap. It’s very soothing and it’s very domestic. And again it’s a big part of some of the other things I’ve done like the silk cocoons that are on the circles and are in many of these pieces. There’s a piece called Warts and All that has knots in it, repetitive knots.

These pieces that were originally collages have been blown up to be archival images that are 22″ x 28″, they look like paintings but they are pictures of collages and they have to do with line. Motion and line and a lot of things that I think are wrapped and unwrapped. I thought they related really well because they it’s the expression of emotion in them that has to do with having conflicts. And having to deal with conflict and that’s a form of becoming unwrapped. They’re called Juggernaut.” – Carol Wisker

Carol WiskerWrapped & Unwrapped and Sarah Kaizar, Mars Show a3rd Street Gallery, 45 N. 2nd Street : Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215. 625. 0993.

Wrapped & Unwrapped and Mars Show through November 30th

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Written and photographed by DoN Brewerexcept where noted.

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