Captures, Kenny White Photography

Captures, Pear, archival digital C print, $500.00, Kenneth Carl White Photography at Jed Williams Studio

Jed Williams Studio on Bainbridge Street near 6th Street is hosting photographer Kenneth Carl White. Captures, a solo exhibition of photographs, is about energizing images with information that triggers emotions, memories and fantasies. The large portrait of a man holding a fruit is loaded with coded signifiers: black and white, a red pear and the ‘in your face’ gaze of the model all carry social significations. The take away is that even photographic evidence may contain signals that create at atmospheric narrative that can be interpreted on multiple levels. The pear has a liturgical vibration, the track jacket is urban and the stare says, “Look again.”

“I also love to shoot things and places that I find interesting and have made an impact on me. I shoot mostly for myself, but I am always looking for the reactions of the people who view my images, whether positive or negative. If my captures are provoking a response, to me that is always a good thing.” – Kenneth Carl White


Captures, Kenny White Photography

CapturesKenneth Carl White Photography at Jed Williams Studio

Kenny White‘s photos caught my eye from the first moment I saw them.  I first saw a series of photos he did of rock musicians, musicians performing and resting, in a group show at the Little Bar in Philadelphia.  There was a charge, an elemental quality to them.  Kenny has a great eye for capturing, as it were, essential human truth, even when his iconography is of landscape or cityscapes.  Or perhaps I should say a social truth—in that one can always relate to his photos, while they simultaneously transmute what one could describe as everyday people and places into magical occurrences.” – Jed Williams

Captures, Kenny White Photography

Captures, 9th Street Vendor, archival digital black and white print, $450.00,  Kenneth Carl White Photography at Jed Williams Studio

“Occurrences filled with tension, not necessarily a negative tension but more of a tension in the sense of all the visual elements fitting together while they create something new, a new feeling.  One could say that Kenny’s pictures react and evolve according to one’s own reaction to them. Kenny’s work makes a statement. He overlaps a visual tension with a light-handedly, and often very pleasantly playfully expressed sociological yearning.” – Jed Williams

Captures, Kenneth Carl White Photography

Captures, Public Art, archival C print, $350.00, Kenneth Carl White Photography at Jed Williams Studio

“Since I was a teen in Southwest Philadelphia, I have tried to always have a camera with me, just to take pictures of my environment, either with my Kodak Instamatic or some sort of Polaroid Land camera. These days, I work mostly in the digital format, although I still maintain a number of film cameras. For the most part I am self-taught. My subject matter varies from the people I meet on the street, to my friends (many of whom are artists of some sort), to the people who make up my immediate and extended family.” – Kenneth Carl White Photography

Jed Williams Studio offers artist and artisans the opportunity to show their art in a Philly neighborhood storefront with lots of foot traffic. When you visit the gallery be sure to peek at Jed’s painting studio in the back for a behind the scenes look at artmaking. There will be a closing reception for CapturesKenneth Carl White Photography at  Jed Williams Studio, on Friday June 14, from 6-8pm.  Refreshments, snacks, good company and conversation and last but not least outstanding photography!

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Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted. Thank you to Jed Williams for contributing to this post.

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