Linda Mehnert, Afif Gallery

Linda MehnertLiz Afif Gallery

Linda Mehnert is a visual artist who paints with oils and watercolors. The artist studied at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA, where she received a BFA in 2D Fine Art. Linda Mehnert has exhibited in the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Chicago metropolitan areas and her work is in various private collections in the U.S. and in Europe. Linda Mehnert lives in Palmyra, NJ with her husband Craig, her son Mercury and her stepchildren Erika and Cody. Linda Mehnert is a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club as well as the Burlington County Art Guild. – paraphrased from Linda Mehnert website.
To celebrate the Summer Solstice Linda Mehnert‘s paintings are a fine reminder of what the season is all about: school’s out, hot sunny days and fun adventures down the shore. Mixing abstract mixed media backgrounds with atmospheric naturalistic figures Linda Mehnert finds the delicate and difficult balance of depicting children without making them look babyish or too old. The liquidy backgrounds simulate the sandy beach and scorching Summer skies by mixing oils and turpentine allowing the natural separation of the media to signify the landscape. Sea birds, beach toys and tow-headed blond kids signify the joys of Summer at the beach and the world of wonders to be found and explored in the sand.

Linda Mehnert, Afif Gallery

Linda MehnertAlone at the Edge of the World, mixed media, Liz Afif Gallery

Linda Mehnert, Afif Gallery

Linda Mehnert, Shelter, oil on canvas, Liz Afif Gallery

Liz Afif has long been a part of the Philadelphia art scene representing artists in her galleries and her own unique style of art. The First Friday art crawl now has a new gallery to explore at 53 North 2nd Street and as soon as you enter the sights and smells of art stimulate the senses and draw visitors into the large space. A delightful surprise was the oder of oil paint drying, a sensuous reminder of the efforts artists take to get their work on the walls even if they’re not yet dry. The sensory overload is magnified by the variety of styles from abstract expressionism to realism to collage. The First Friday Old City Arts Weekend now has a new space to investigate and enjoy.

Linda Mehnert, Afif Gallery

Linda Mehnert, Cape May Plover, oil on linen, Liz Afif Gallery

“When I stand at the edge of the ocean my eyes scan the horizon and see nothing, but an endless expanse of blue.  My mind struggles to wrap itself around the body of water at my feet.  I cannot help but contemplate its vastness and its depths, an immensity that seems unfathomable to me. The very thought of the ocean’s magnitude fills me with awe and fear. It makes me feel small and alone even on a crowded beach. The ocean travels far, far beyond my eyesight making my sense of powerlessness palpable and a feeling of isolation that is profound.” – Linda Mehnert


Linda Mehnert, Afif Gallery

Linda Mehnert, oil on linen, Liz Afif Gallery

Linda Mehnert Sand Stories at Liz Afif Gallery through June 28th.

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Jeff Stroud June 23, 2013 at 3:22 am


Thank you for sharing these wonderful sites of summer. Linda’s work is a tribute to the fire and sand of summer youth.

I am thrilled to hear there is a new Gallery to visit on First Friday! Look forward to the experience!

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