Donna Cotzen, Synthesis – Paintings and Drawings

by admin on December 30, 2012

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Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery, Horn of Plenty, oil

Donna Cotzen, Synthesis – Paintings and Drawings

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery

“This show is a collection of my work spanning many years. The earlier paintings are more abstract – the later ones more representational. I was hoping that my work would show a synthesis of these two styles, thus the title of the show –Synthesis. I don’t think I’ve quite done this but you tell me. Daydreams is the last work. Did I do it? Anyway, who knows what’s next and who cares about these categories.” – Donna Cotzen‘s artist statement.

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Galler

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery, Apples, acrylic

DoN  asked Philadelphia Sketch Club member Donna Cotzen how she came to show her art in the venerable Stewart Gallery?

“Well, like any good member, I accepted to be in the lottery and I was chosen from the lottery. And I think most people aren’t happy about being chosen for December but December happens to be my birthday. So I took advantage of the idea of having it in December and having a birthday party as well.”

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery, Palm, acrylic

DoN  recalled when Donna Cotzen was picked from the lottery and she expressed her concern she wouldn’t have enough art to show.

“Well, I’m very happy because it’s a big birthday and getting to this place and not having the usual milestones that a woman usually has, sort of makes it, you know, like, you have to consider what is really important. What is the basic thing? And the basic thing I guess is knowing how to enjoy yourself and to be supported and connected to the community. For me being creative is a big part of how I enjoy myself.”

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery

Donna Cotzen, Stewart Gallery, Sketch for Daydreams

“I’ve been a member for maybe five years but I’ve been coming to the Sketch Club since before I became a member. All of the nudes I did mostly on Saturday and Wednesday workshops and the last painting I went from a sketch to a painting, actually Daydreams was the last painting.”

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer.

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