My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

Leah Reynolds: my new haunt transforms the minimalistic art space into a cosmic thing. Arranged like a star map the, space opens up into a celestial field of experiences. Beautiful geodesic spheres vibrate with the energy of the concentration of energy tensed into the materials, the up-cycled materials like the plastic straws have an innocent child-like intensity. Making stuff out of stuff is naturalistic, humanoid, animalistic behavior, the gallery lets the star child play with galaxies causing branes of space time energy to bounce around the room.

Watching the spinning blurry sphere is hypnotic, the lenticular-like creations emit multiple messages simultaneously and the dome has so many memes it’s hard to keep track. Get Smart was won of my favorite childhood TV shows, the Dome of Silence was a dream gadget for a teenager crowded in a suburban tract house with three other kids. Standing in the dome has so much muscle memory attached to the experience with remembered card table forts, pup tents and large appliance boxes big enough to hatch a plan. String theory and dynamical objects are coded into the matrix with gravity pools of memes spread like a solar system through the art space.

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

Artist’s Statement:

The meaning of the title includes both uses of the word haunt: As a noun it refers to the physical/psychic place that I inhabit while working on a particular project.

When used as a transitive verb, it is meant to signify the thing that haunts me. In this case not a ghost, but a very specific ten year old boy who has endured difficult times. My daughter’s half-brother came to live with us during the time that this new work was being made. Learning how to accommodate one another also means dealing with the effects of trauma and abuse. It can be like experiencing unpredicted, violent weather.  The production of this installation has been both my response and my refuge. – Leah Reynolds,  Heavy Bubble

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

brane is a physical object that generalizes the notion of a point particle to higher dimensions. For example, a point particle can be viewed as a brane of dimension zero, while a string can be viewed as a brane of dimension one. It is also possible to consider higher-dimensional branes. In dimension p, these are called p-branes. The word brane comes from the word “membrane” which refers to a two-dimensional brane. – Wikipedia

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds is a higher dimensional art show, being in the space is like realizing you exist as a side on a two sided object strung together with twine and rabbit skin glue. As multiverse membranes overlap with historic, mythic maps based on contemporary thinking, the art reaches for a higher plane divining a great story in the language of mathematics, creating memories across space and time. The temporal propagation of energy shapes through spacetime resonates with ideas, questions, and marvels of the universe.

A visible structure underpins the mystical and magical moments in this installation. Leah uses simple materials to construct her work, pieces of everyday culture — plastic straws and binder clips, thread and cheesecloth.

Her thoughtfully placed constructions take us on a surreal journey informed by nature and mathematics. – Heavy Bubble

My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church GalleryOrgone Ball, fabric coated with rabbit skin glue and pigment, plastic straws, wooden dowels, plywood, My New Haunt, Leah Reynolds at 110 Church Gallery

“The growth and accretion of forms over time; motion real and implied are some elements in this installation. This is a continuing thread that runs through past work such as my series of zoetropes and a piece based on the wheel of Theodorus. An interest in beehive construction led me to various complex geometric forms which led to Buckminster Fuller and geodesic domes. I decided I wanted to make one and started this series of sculptures. The materials include plastic straws, wooden dowels, fabric coated with rabbit skin glue and a turntable. I have also included some paired photograph constructions. These play with shifting perceptions of what we see before us. – Leah Reynolds, Heavy Bubble

Leah Reynolds is doing an artist talk in the gallery on Sunday, February 22nd – free tickets.

The art energy field will shift into a new dimension with the closing of 110 Church Gallery. The gallery that created so many art stars is going out of existence like a super-nova, with a final dynamic one person show to haunt our memories of a long lineage of experiential artists, thinkers and makers. Like a brane on a heavy bubble, as space transmutes, and time slides forward, the strange energy created by the masterminds behind the gallery transfers to a new locus on the space-time continuum at HBHQ.

To Margaret, Stella and all the artists, assistants, helpers, who made 110 Church Gallery such as special place to be: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted.

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