Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color, Colossal, monotype with collage, Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Hear My Color, a solo show of local printmaker/mixed media artist Linda Dubin Garfield through May 26, 2013. The Artist’s Reception on May 8 was an annual Pre-Fringe Birthday Party which this year will benefit  wwwbreastcancer.org.
Each year Linda Dubin Garfield selects a non-profit to support that coincides with the theme of the work she makes for the Philly Fringe Festival. This year her theme is My Body My Self. Last year, during a routine mammogram, it was discovered that Garfield had breast cancer. She underwent surgery and radiation treatment and is now a vocal advocate of annual mammograms that caught her cancer at an early and very treatable stage.
The show at Da Vinci Art Alliance will also include work inspired by her extensive travel through Asia, South America and, most recently, Antarctica. She is including an installation entitled Devotion created from visiting many Buddhist countries in Asia and seeing monks, monasteries, stupas and temples in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. – Linda Dubin Garfield press release.

Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color, monotype with collage, Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

“In the early 90’s, I took a printmaking course and fell in love with the process. Unlike other passionate relationships that fade with time, the passion I had for printmaking has only gotten more intense. Several years later, I started exploring mixed media and have found that combining collage and monotype is another relationship that works for me. In my latest work, I am exploring the nexus of photography and digital imaging with other more traditional techniques. The investigation of how to combine traditional printmaking techniques with new technology is thrilling. I find the possibilities are exponential.” Linda Dubin Garfield artist statement.

Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color, monotype with collage, Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

A monotype is a unique print that can be recreated but not reproduced, each one is different and Linda Dubin Garfield crafts each piece with clever textures, layers and surprises. Each piece seems to have a dialog of it’s own with symbols and color ways that read as landscapes in an abstract perspective. Some of the pieces have collaged layers of glittery paper creating a gloss and glow that isn’t garish but subtle and appealing. Hear My Color speaks softly and quietly with interjections of philosophy and spirituality in a fun accessible presentation.

Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color,  Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color, Contemplation I & II, mixed media, Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Flanking the entrance to the last room are two pairs of mixed media resembling ancient tree bark, one pair is golden, the other saffron. The four pieces serve as a symbolic entry into an installation that resonates with the mystic and subliminal world of better living through meditation. Layers thickly applied to wood, the objects read as tree bark, maps, islands and hieroglyphs, a metaphoric narrative to introduce you to another world. A cluster of ferns brings a liveness to the space filled with images of life from another space and time.

Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color, photography and prints, Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Lovingkindness, A Site Specific Installation

Ancient walls absorb the teachings, monasteries, monks studying, people with very little feeding the monks rice daily, kindness everywhere, stupas, pagodas, dedicated people offering money, fruit or flowers on the altar, taking care of the elders, living a simple life, being kind is the key to happiness, visiting the monasteries, courtyards, atriums, peeling walls whisper secrets, be kind, be kind…

Photographs taken by Linda Dubin Garfield on a trip 2012 to Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Monks are from a monastery in Myanmar.

The rooms in the Da Vinci Art Alliance are activated with joyful, meditative art rich with color and narrative from the spacey glitter collage/prints to the head trip of monastic young men in cleverly installed photography exhibit. Like prayer flags the pictures are strung across the ceiling in the back gallery with the shapes and images echoing the abstract expressionist prints in the other two rooms. Curator Amie Potsic says in her statement,

“Her installation Lovingkindness involving printed silk prayer flags draped over images of monks, peeling temple walls and skeletal tree branches grew out of identification with the universality of religious experience and the specificity of the sacred spaces in Buddhist Asia. Combining her own reflections on memory with experiences in different cultures and new frontiers, Linda Dubin Garfield presents a body of work that is both unique and resonant.” – Amie Potsic

Hear My Color, Linda Dubin Garfield

Hear My Color, Young Monk, archival pigment print, Linda Dubin Garfield at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Closing reception May 26, 1 – 5:00, 20% of sales goes to www.breasftcancer.org. Over $1500 was raised through donations for Linda’s birthday and sales from the opening!!

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