Doris Peltzman, The Red Kimono

The Flowered Kimono, oil on canvas, 32”x 24”, Doris Peltzman

The Flowered Kimono

The Flowered Kimono is a painting that I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks; I first saw the painting during an afternoon  drawing workshop, paintings were arriving for the installation of the Art of the Flower show, at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, it was obvious to me the painting was a triumph, a genius creation, exploring modern concepts and honoring Philly’s heritage as a center of contemporary American art. Over the past weeks I’ve been able to observe the artwork up close, from across the room and peripherally, each observation engages and attracts my view, not just because it’s big and red, but the circumambient atmosphere the painting creates with elements of line, light, space, and color.

Doris Peltzman is a modern artist, following paths trail blazed, a timeline of determined painters making art, Philadelphia style, the artist explores painting, literally following the footsteps of Philly’s best artists. The pursuit of excellence, experiential intent, and drive to understand paint as a communication device connects directly to Eakins, Wagner, Oakley, Willcox Smith, and Wyeth, who walked the cobblestones of Camac Street pursuing their passion generations ago.

The painting is mostly a red field, pyramidal forms meeting at the center of the composition, a hub and spoke, triangular color fields form the cones of textile folds, functionally distorted application of paint conveys narrative forms with nature and flower shapes, vivid color ideas, and decorative explorations of paint with controlled abandon. Expressing the fluidity, luxury, and craft of the kimono, the narrative of the wearer, and power of color is the picture story, but the decorative qualities are enhanced and elevated with structural color, and creative distortion.

Color is balanced with the cool multi-colorful gray, active brush strokes catch the light, against strong, not hot, edges of many reds folding over into shades of colorful purples, orange, cadmium; textile is the subject fact, flesh painting balances the extravagant, billowy, silkiness with nuanced strokes of warm color, lively brushy-ness, and confident application of roles to colors. The painting is exuberant where it needs to be and restrained where it needs to be, purposeful, functional color ways, expressive triangulated shapes, sinuous descriptive lines activating the sense of movement, action and volumetric space feels monumental.

The Flowered Kimono hangs on the ‘Winners’ Wall’ now, First Prize, Art of the Flower 2019, under the historic tall windows of the gallery/studio, dominating the space with clear design devices, controlled color, facile brushwork, and a composition that describes the experience of texture, light, and liveness with color.

Awards and artist reception Sunday, March 24th at 2 PM at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, 235 South Camac Street, Philadelphia PA 19107.

by DoN

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