Mamun Zaman, PSoP @Cafe´Twelve

Mamun Zaman, Photographic Society of Philadelphia at Cafe´Twelve

Photography is integral to the lifestyle of Philadelphia. For this post DoN visited a coffee shop art show, a bar, a frame shop and an art gallery featuring art photography by Philadelphia photographers.

The Photographic Society of Philadelphia has on ongoing show of photographs at Cafe Twelve. Once a month the club get’s together for coffee and talk. Mamun Zaman has his first sol show there now, his work has been included in other shows but the club gave him the opportunity to conceptualize a group of works however he wanted.

“This my first time doing a solo exhibition regardless of anywhere else I was, so I’ve been looking forward to that. An since I had this chance I was thinking, ‘Like, What do I put here?’ First of all, I had so many things in my mind but then I changed my mind because this is the opportunity I have, I didn’t want people to come and say, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ and walk away. My point is to have people wandering around my photographs.”

Mamun Zaman is a photographer from Bangladesh. His creative photography was revealed by his own complex insight of the visual world. He published his own photography book when he was only 18 years old. Currently he is living in Philadelphia. His current achievement is a First Prize from Philadelphia Photographic Society Group Exhibition in 2011 for one of his self-portraits. Mamun Zaman Photography

Mamun Zaman, PSoP @Cafe´Twelve

Mamun ZamanPhotographic Society of Philadelphia at Cafe´Twelve

“That’s the reason I’m doing the show. And I came up with the idea of doing a series from black and white to color that goes from very cool to colorful.”

What is the print process?

“I shoot digitally, I don’t do film anymore but I do mostly studio. But in this show I have outdoors, too, so, it really doesn’t matter as long as there is light. They’re digital prints, canvas wrap, the company I use is really good and the quality of is good. And it has a solid backing and it’s ready to hang.”

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Off the Wall Gallery, Roads Less Traveled

Off the Wall GalleryRoads Less Traveled – Gene RenziSusan Stromquist and Bonnie J. Schorske. January 6th – March 1, 2013.

The Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s is showing three photographers in a presentation called Roads Less Traveled with Susan Stromquist, Bonnie J. Schorske and Gene Renzi. The show is exotic, unexpected and experiential taking the viewer on a journey to wondrous parts of the world in Bonnie J. Schorske‘s color photographs, Gene Renzi’s 35 mm silver print photographs with languid lush landscapes and Susan Stromquist‘s conceptualist installation partly documented with photographs.

DoN is planning a separate post on Susan Stromquist.

Off the Wall Gallery, Roads Less Traveled

 Off the Wall Gallery, Roads Less TraveledGene Renzi, Susan Stromquist and Bonnie J. Schorske. January 6th – March 1, 2013.

Off the Wall Gallery does a fantastic promotional job for the artists, too. Their facebook page has insights into the show that are well written and have examples of art from the elaborate show, the postcards were individualized for each artist and they held great opening party. DoN used material from their facebook page with permission. Off the Wall Gallery located at 347 South 13th Street, Philadelphia.

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Bonnie Schorske, Roads Less Traveled, Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks

“Southeast Asia teems with people, animals and religious life,” says BONNIE SCHORSKE. “Life is in the temples; shrines are on every street. Monks are in the markets. Horns insistently beep as you walk on dusty roads and narrow paths full of people, bikes, cars, rickshaws, tuk-tuks, dogs, goats, cows. The smells of spices and incense mix with fetid water and rotting garbage. Golden spires, wall paintings and rainbow hues of cotton and silk are everywhere. It is sensory overload.”BONNIE J. SCHORSKE

“Laughing Monks”
35mm photography
archival pigment print
limited edition, 1/10

Rob Lybeck, Built Environment Photography, Giant Steps Framing and Gallery

Rob Lybeck, Built Environment Photography, Giant Steps Framing and Gallery, 229 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Rob Lybeck portfolio on YouTube.

Rob Lybeck is showing architectural detail photographs at Giant Steps Framing and Gallery, the windows on 20th Street are a natural for exhibiting art and the the gallery has exhibited a wide and adventurous variety of styles. They also leave the window lights on at night so late night walkers can see the art.

Rob Lybeck has two very important prints in the show.

“They’re HDR images but I had them printed on watercolor paper, it’s called giclee, it supposedly has a two hundred and fifty year permanence. Which should mean something to somebody.”

DoN said,

“All the Lazarus’ that are hanging around will appreciate that. Shit, twenty-five years and I’d be happy.”

Rob Lybeck, Built Environment Photography, Giant Steps Framing and Gallery

Rob LybeckBuilt Environment PhotographyGiant Steps Framing and Gallery, 229 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Rob Lybeck on Flickr.

Rob Lybeck has all his prints made at Philadelphia Photographics.

“They do all my work and they’re the best place in the world. The funny thing is they’re one of the last remaining photo labs in the city. It’s on 13th Street right near Sansom. They do everything. Everything. They’re an all purpose photo lab.”

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Rob Lybeck, Built Environment Photography, Giant Steps Framing and Gallery

Rob LybeckBuilt Environment PhotographyGiant Steps Framing and Gallery, 229 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Derek Jecxz, Twenty-Two Gallery

Derek Jecxz, Twenty-Two Gallery

Twenty-Two Gallery presents 22 artists in a group show including photographers Derek Jecxz. This show pairs art photography alongside fine art prints and paintings, Jecxz’ prints take the viewer to the ends of the Earth with long views to distant horizons.

My photographic artwork has been purchased and installed by hundreds of corporations, institutions and homes across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. My work consistently sells time and again and can subtly complement any décor or stand on its own as a focal point. I offer both traditional and contemporary photographs that appeal to a broad spectrum of clientele. Many designers and distributors include my artwork in their portfolio of offerings to attract a wide range of buyers. – Derek Jecxz website


Regina Joans, Twenty-Two Gallery

Regina JoansTwenty-Two Gallery

Regina Joansphotographic prints of Paris scenes on velvet paper, framed in a Baroque style are instantly transporting to Philadelphia’s sister city. Regina Joans takes the idea of art as beauty seriously, her works have an old world vibe but uses the latest technology and some help with Photoshop. The final product places photography in a zone equal to other image making techniques in an undeniably aspirational tour de force of photography as art.

Philadelphia is historically connected with photography since it’s inception and continues to present the work of contemporary photographers with respect and due regard for the importance of the art.

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer.

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