Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Written Walls, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 30″, Main Line Art Center

Perceptions of Reality and Dreams, Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

In the land of gods and monsters is a secret place that only the believers can go. If you suspend imagination and ride the gravity waves, the world is beautiful in every way, reality is what you make of it. In Written Walls, Lilliana Didovic visualizes the beauty that once was, still is, and will be of Philly’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. The graffiti translates into a love letter, like a Valentine’s card; hugs not drugs. Signs of life glitter and shine in the gallery lights, the wonky fire hydrant the color of a kiss, electric lines sizzling with black power overhead.

The artist reveals the garish glamour of hood life, the street art and layers of architecture are lively and informed with potential and joy. The international symbol of oppression, a razor wire swirl, marks the landscape as a sign of independence, privacy and freedom, adding layers of meaning to the meme. Lilliana loves Philadelphia, unconditionally.

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center, Perceptions of Reality and Dreams

“Perception of Reality and Dreams is a solo exhibition by Lilliana S. Didovic, with guest Nina Radovic. Didovic exhibits a dazzling series of her recognizable large-scale paintings that celebrate color, the city of Philadelphia, and the incredible will of the human spirit. Perception of Reality and Dreams will be on view through July 18, 2016 as part of Main Line Art Center’s Summer Gallery Rental Series.” – Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

John, pictured above, is the Didovic family’s first friend in Philly, he’s a DJ and set the mood of the sultry Summer evening  in Haverford with ballads and soft music. Good friends from all over Philly arrived to celebrate, not just art, but life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, what looked like too much food and wine disappeared, and the space was alive with laughter, children and voices. The artist reception is meant to celebrate the artist, but Lilliana loves to celebrate her life, loves and friends.

All over the world people are experiencing war, Lilliana and Joseph escaped Sarajevo while cannons shelled their shining city from the hills. Imagine West Philly being blown up, Move style, bombs and bullets flying as you try to run away; Sarajevo was a metropolitan city not unlike Philadelphia. Now, imagine the boy you hid under a blanket in your escape from explosions has a dire emergency, a life changing turn of events that swirls like barbed wire around you. You have to be positive, right? You take action.

Friends, like John, love being around Lilliana and her family, the circle of friends ripples like a pond around them, venn diagrams overlap and new relationships formed in their wake. Imagine all the people touched by the Philadelphia story of a mom from Sarajevo who paints with joy in a hospital room to be by her son’s side. Fighting monsters with love, channeling the energy into art, Lilliana knows the potential of life and how to live fearlessly.

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Once Beautiful, mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 30″, Perception of Reality and Dreams at  Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center, Perception of Reality and Dreams

Like a Howard Hodgkin painting, Lilliana explains with brush work the dark path she sometimes has to follow. Paint communicates in a language of symbols, marks and smears representing events and experiences, like abstract landscapes on a road to the unknown. There are a pair of canvasses collocated with a large portrait by guest artist Nina Radovic that reflect an unusual somberness. But even though the path forward is dark, through experience, the artist knows there is beautiful light ahead if you believe.


Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art CenterPerception of Reality and Dreams

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art Center

Lilliana Didovic, Main Line Art CenterPerception of Reality and Dreams

Gordan is the light of Lilliana and Joseph’s life, no inconvenience prevents exploration, participation, and experiences to last a life time. Lilliana told me everything she does is for him. Almost all his life functions are now supported, Gordy’s doctors, his best friends, attended the reception. They are part of the family of artists, too, who enrich his life.

Sometimes I have a difficult time making art, inspiration is lazy, but Lilliana takes her supplies with her to the hospital when she stays with Gordy. Sometimes she encamps there for months on end. Creating colorful, expressionist art to the rhythm of ventilators, pumps and monitors, Lilliana finds a peace of mind allowing the dream imagery to flow into art. It’s a beautiful world we live in, gods and monsters and all.

Thank you so much to Main Line Art Center for their handicap accessibility, the accommodation brings together everybody.

Main Line Art Center
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Written and photographed by DoN Brewer. (except where noted)

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